Indian Dairy 2.0, let’s move from “Shaktiman” to “Superman”

 With Dairy 1.0 India became the largest milk producing country in the world. Today India is producing 23% of the world’s milk, keeping 36% of the world’s dairy cows/buffalos and having 60% of the world’s dairy farms.

 During the 8th IFCN Regional Workshop in Bengaluru, more than 100 dairy experts discussed the Indian Dairy 2.0. The aim was to brainstorm on the future of Indian dairy outside the policy designing area. With 2.0 India has the potential to become the world’s largest milk processing country. The slogan “Let’s move from Shaktiman to Superman” was developed in the workshop to describe the step from 1.0 to 2.0. 

“A total system consciousness and system thinking” was recommended by Sudhir Rao, WRVI Capital on the way towards Dairy 2.0. Like in the IFCN Workshop 2018, the overall issue of quality along the supply chain was identified. For better quality a legislative framework, innovative IT solutions and leadership by milk processors are key.

Participants of the India Regional Workshop 2019

 Anders Fagerberg, IFCN Chairman pointed out: “Dairy 2.0 dairy farms will be bigger, have higher yields and significantly higher farm incomes. Such farms then will attract the next generation of farmers”. These farming systems will be viable once they are able to use state of the art farming/ IT technologies, improve their management skills and raise the required capital. To make that happen a specific and supportive Dairy 2.0 eco-system needs to be developed.

During the Regional Workshop the IFCN Dairy Report 2019 – 20th Anniversary Edition has been released in India.