On February 28th, 2024, we hosted IFCN monthly research meeting. Among the highlights of this webinar was a thought-provoking presentation by IFCN researcher Jan van Beekhuizen, titled “Challenges of dairy production in a very critical area” highlighting the following key points:

The Dutch dairy sector faces significant challenges, sparking extensive debates within Dutch society and among political parties about how to enhance environmental and animal welfare and lower nitrogen and carbon dioxide emissions.

  • there are viable solutions, including technological advancements, that have the potential for global application. With the global demand for dairy products on the rise, it’s crucial to take significant actions
  • By working together, we can play a pivotal role in addressing food security issues while tackling these challenges.
  • Dairy production in the Netherlands is declining slowly.
  • Much diversity in dairy prices.
  • Local area is something to be aware of, when developing your farm.
  • Dutch influence on global dairy production is changing.

Our forthcoming webinar, scheduled for the 27th of March and featuring Steven Aikiriza, our expert from Uganda, is accessible to our research partners.

Please contact Shiyin Zhong, our research network manager, if you would like to join the IFCN Dairy Research Network. To make the dairy industry’s future more promising, we look forward to working with you.

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