IFCN Dairy Conference 2021

IFCN Dairy Conference

IFCN will bring together researchers, companies, and institutions from the dairy sector for a fruitful exchange of knowledge and inspiration as the consequences of climate change are becoming increasingly visible. Use this chance to purchase your seats for this special event!

IFCN Dairy Report 2020

A comprehensive overview of the complex
dairy world in a 224-page book based
on IFCN research.

World Milk Price February 2021


36,3 EUR/100kg
43.1 USD/100kg

IFCN countries sector & farm analysis

IFCN Events

IFCN Events

IFCN Dairy Report 2020

Dairy Report 2020

IFCN Events

IFCN Emerging Dairy Regions Forum

Global supply chains are vulnerable and self-sufficiency is the topic of today.

But have all attempts to become 100% self-sufficient been successful? Where can we look for experiences to improve, learn and determine the best way forward?

At this event we will look at different scenarios, discuss with the people who are directly affected and report on the facts: Self Sufficiency – Sustainable Solutions.

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IFCN Supporter Conference 2020

With the topic “New Opportunities: The Dairy World after COVID-19“ IFCN will bring its business and researcher networks together for the first time – to provide all members with the best possible outlook and insights!

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Press information IFCN Dairy Conference 2020

Covid-19 related dairy crisis – the fear is bigger than its impact – yet   Dairy experts from 70 countries have been discussed the Covid-19 related dairy crisis during the 21th IFCN Dairy Conference on June 2nd – 3rd. The event focused on the status of the dairy...

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IFCN Monthly Trade Data – 2021

IFCN Monthly Trade Data – 2021

You wanted to know which country is the biggest importer or exporter for a specific dairy commodity? Or you are looking for new export markets and wanted to know which countries are active during the year? ​

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IFCN Dairy Data

Dairy sector analysis

National and global analysis of milk production, consumption, trade and the related drivers

Milk price analysis

Global dairy commodity prices, local farm gate milk prices and price transmission schemes

Dairy chain analysis

Analyzing the dairy value chain from the farmer through the consumer with a key focus is on the margins in the chain

Dairy policy analysis

As policy is one of the key drivers in the dairy sector the IFCN has a set of tools to quantify the impacts of different policies

IFCN Farm Analysis

Farm comparison

Analysis of the cost of milk production: worldwide comparison of micro-economic results such as cost of milk production, returns, profitability and productivities of dairy farms and the drivers behind them

Sustainability of milk production

Tools to evaluate the sustainability of dairy farming systems, which also covers social and environmental indicators such as greenhouse gas emissions by different farm types

Dairy farm structure analysis

Monitoring dairy farm numbers and farm size developments

IFCN Dairy Outlook


Long- and short-term dairy outlook for the world and around 200 countries individually

Dairy region development

The IFCN has experience to support regional dairy development and the identification of future strategies

More than 140 dairy related companies cooperate with IFCN a global dairy related research network that helps to better understand the dairy world by providing globally comparable dairy economic data and even forecasts since 2000.

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