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IFCN Dairy Research Network creates a better understanding of the dairy world by providing comparable data, knowledge and inspiration

World Milk Price March 2018

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The Dairy World Today

Today the dairy world serves over 7 billion consumers and provides livelihoods for approximately 1 billion people living on dairy farms. The key challenges for the dairy stakeholders lie in its complexity and the high rate of change in a globalized world. IFCN is a global dairy related research network that helps to better understand the dairy world by providing globally comparable dairy economic data and even forecasts.

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IFCN Events

19th IFCN Dairy Conference in June 2018

The annual IFCN Dairy Conference will be held from June 9th until June 13th in Cork/Ireland. Under the topic “Dairy Farm Technology: Past – Present – Future” 80 dairy researchers from 45 countries all over the world will come together to discuss about farm related…

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16th IFCN Supporter Conference in September 2018

The annual IFCN Supporters Conference 2018 will be held from September 11th – 13th in Parma, Italy. Together with the Supporter Partners IFCN will discuss the topic “How artificial intelligence will change dairy farming in the future”.

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