We help people in the dairy world with dairy data, knowledge and inspiration to make better decisions.

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Stay updated with the latest dairy industry news, articles, and network insights


We help people in the dairy world with data, knowledge and inspiration to make better decisions.


We provide globally comparable dairy economic data and forecasts.


We create knowledge out of our data, models and analysis. Our core competence is in the field of milk production, milk prices and related economic topics.


We inspire people in the dairy world to build a better future. We inspire passionate people to develop a successful career in the dairy world.


How we are serving the dairy world

IFCN Approach: 3 Knowledge pillars


dairy researchers

over 100 countries

Joining the IFCN connects you to a global network of researchers in 100+ countries, helping you advance in your career and improve services for dairy stakeholders. Additionally, membership can enhance the economic status of your country’s dairy industry.



over 130 companies

IFCN is a network of more than 130 dairy-related companies, offering milk processors and farm input companies access to a constantly updated overview of the dairy industry. Our goal is to support the growth of your business through valuable insights and connections.



20 dairy experts

Colleagues at the IFCN Centre in Kiel, Germany are encouraged to pursue a rewarding career with global reach and local stability. The IFCN is the perfect launching pad for advancement in the dairy industry. Join us and create opportunities for professional growth and industry impact.

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What we do


IFCN Dairy Report

IFCN Dairy Report

A comprehensive overview of the complex dairy world in a 224-page book based on IFCN research. The complex global dairy world with national and regional data in one book.

IFCN Dairy Processor Report

Compare your company with how the world's leading dairies perform on People, Planet and Profit.


IFCN Dairy Data

Dairy sector analysis

National and global analysis of milk production, consumption, trade and the related drivers

Milk price analysis

Global dairy commodity prices, local farm gate milk prices and price transmission schemes

Dairy chain & policy analysis

Analyzing the dairy value chain from the farmer through the consumer with a key focus is on the margins in the chain


Long- and short-term dairy outlook for the world and around 200 countries individually

Dairy region development

The IFCN has experience to support regional dairy development and the identification of future strategies


IFCN Farm Analysis

Farm comparison

Analysis of the cost of milk production: worldwide comparison of micro-economic results such as cost of milk production, returns, profitability and productivities of dairy farms and the drivers behind them

Sustainability of milk production

Tools to evaluate the sustainability of dairy farming systems, which also covers social and environmental indicators such as greenhouse gas emissions by different farm types

Dairy farm structure analysis

Monitoring dairy farm numbers and farm size developments


IFCN Dairy Conference

IFCN Dairy Conference

Analysis of the cost of milk production: worldwide comparison of micro-economic results such as cost of milk production, returns, profitability and productivities of dairy farms and the drivers behind them

IFCN Supporter Conference

This international dairy conference brings together representatives from a variety of companies from different stages of the whole dairy supply chain.

IFCN Forum / Emerging Dairy Regions

IFCN has taken action to provide precise information and generate knowledge related to topics of dairy development in emerging countries together with over 600 dairy experts.

IFCN upcoming dairy events

Events calendar



IFCN Dairy Conference | Obihiro, Japan

West meets East
Asian dairies: Standing locally, thinking globally



IFCN Supporter Conference | Serock, Poland

Where will milk be produced in the future & how can it be produced in a sustainable way?

How we can help you

IFCN is the go-to resource for information on milk production, milk prices, and other dairy-related subjects. Our expert economic models and standardization processes guarantee consistent data across countries, offering a comprehensive global perspective with detailed regional analysis. Whether you need insights on:


How to improve your dairy business?


What are the recent dairy market trends?


What are the milk price trends in US & EU?


What will be the milk price dairy outlook for 2030?

IFCN Dairy Research Network

Over 130 dairy industry companies leverage data and knowledge as exclusive members of the IFCN network for strategic planning purposes.


Unleash the full potential of your dairy business with IFCN’s cutting-edge industry analysis and ongoing insights. Gain unparalleled access to the latest trends and data in the dairy world, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive growth and success for your company. Trust IFCN to guide your business to new heights in the competitive dairy market.

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Dairy Asia
Dairy Asia


Joining IFCN connects you with the premier global dairy network. Through IFCN, you will receive assistance to enhance relationships with your dairy stakeholders and advance your career within the dairy industry. Additionally, by becoming part of IFCN, you will contribute to bolstering the economic landscape of the dairy sector in your country.

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If you have a passion for dairy, we would love to be connected with you! IFCN is open to forming new partnerships, collaborations, and consultancy projects. Let's join forces to further develop and advance the dairy sector.

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Research partnership

IFCN gives you a voice to reach other players in the dairy world. Updated global milk and feed price trends and helpful IFCN publications are presented on the IFCN Website. Farm comparison work allows you to judge the competitive position of milk production in your region.

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supporter partnership

More than 130 dairy-related companies are collaborating with IFCN, a global dairy network that helps customers to improve their decision-making process. Globally comparable dairy data (market and farm level) with latest developments and forecasts are providedfor over 25 years to better understand the dairy world. 

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Projects & tailor made solutions

Our custom-made consultancy and research projects range from full-day workshops to short- or long-term projects, giving the opportunity to strengthen capacity building in dairy knowledge and to support in strategic planning. A specific project can save internal resources by using the knowledge and network of the IFCN.