This is a press release from the 2nd Global Dairy Tech Mapping Event in 2024

On 17th of January 2024, we as IFCN Dairy Research Network presented this 90-minute
online event about dairy tech together with Progressive Dairy to support the visibility of
all ag-tech firms for a better overview and to gain more insights into the dairy tech field
for our international audience within our network. We aim to connect and inspire
people in the dairy world to make better decisions.

We have mapped 224 companies* including additional 43 tech companies for the dairy
tech map since the last release in 2023 together with Progressive Dairy:

• 95 small companies working with <100.000 cows
• 61 medium companies working with 0,1 – 1 million cows
• 68 large companies working with >1million cows

dairy forum

We see high capital circulation in the dairy tech sector: new start-ups, growing offers of
IT companies and merge & acquisitions.

The advantages of IT solutions on dairy farms and beyond were highlighted.
• support the industry to innovate faster
• to real time monitor and improve efficiency on dairy farms and beyond
• increase confidence in decision making and prioritizing daily work
• decreases animal mortility rate
• fertility improvements of the cows
• to become more sustainable from farm to fork – economically and

The success of IT solutions also depend on the farmer and his tech affinity in his farm
management. The accuracy of the collected data is already very good so the data
cleaning process is getting easier

Get the output materials (slides, videos, map) from 2nd Global Dairy Tech Event

Although the panellists also highlighted the existing challenges in the discussion.

• Necessity of a standard approach to measure farm activities towards sustainable
milk production to ensure comparability of farm performance and performance
of the whole dairy supply chain.
• Lack of IT infrastructure and connectivity on farms
• Understanding of IT using benefits can still be more familiarized with the
potential users: we need strong ambassadors for implementation of IT solutions
on farms – like the famers Chad Butts from US and John Allwood from UK in our
panel session.
• IT usage needs to be intuitive

The speakers contributed with their dairy expert knowledge and shared their
experiences with the international audience. That is the beauty of the IFCN network:
Philipp Goetz (IFCN), Walt Cooley (Progressive Dairy), Rasmus Hauge (Feedlync),
Victoria Ham (Kite Consulting), Tomas Vera (MADCAP) John Allwood (Farmer from UK),
Chad Butts (farmer from USA)

The event was supported by the companies Intellync, smaXtec animal care GmbH and
MADCAP by Contec Group International.

*Disclaimer: We are aware of our limitations covering the number of dairy tech companies which exists, our ability to fully understand what they do and our ability to categorize them as small, medium and large.
**Formal disclaimer: Neither IFCN Dairy Research Center or other legal entities in the IFCN Dairy Network accept any liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss howsoever arising from any of the IFCN material or its contents or otherwise arising in connection herewith.