On May 29th, 2024, we had our monthly researcher meeting.

Among the highlights of this webinar was a thought-provoking presentation by IFCN researcher Sushil Paudyal titled “Opportunities and challenges with Dairy production in the Southwest United States.” highlighting the following key points:

  • Texas is the 4th largest milk-producing state in the U.S. with 299 dairies.
  • Despite challenges like bird flu, wildfires, high land prices, and weather variability, Texas’s dairy industry is thriving.
  • Continuous increases in milk production and technological advancements such as robotic milking are driving growth.
  • Investments in processing facilities, including bottling and cheese plants, are on the rise.
  • Most dairy operations are concentrated in Northern Texas due to panhandle effect.

The May Speaker

Sushil Paudyal | USA

IFCN researchers from the United States of America

Assistant professor at Texas A&M university

Member of the American Dairy Science Association, the American Society of Animal Science

Dr. Paudyal’s research interest focusses on using herd and animal level data for decision making on dairy farms

“You could drive for 10 hours and still be in Texas, but the milk is local and it takes about 48 hours for milk to travel from dairy farms to the stores”

Please contact Sofia Iordanidou our research network manager, if you would like to join the IFCN Dairy Research Network. To make the dairy industry’s future more promising, we look forward to working with you.