IFCN connects you to a global dairy network, offering support to enhance stakeholder relations and advance your career in the dairy industry while boosting the economic profile of dairy in your country.

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IFCN Research Partnership Packages

IFCN is a global dairy research network. By addressing challenges in the dairy world, IFCN contributes to a more resilient and more sustainable future for all of us. The knowledge is created via a network of dairy researchers from over 90 countries. The data and knowledge are managed by the IFCN Dairy Research Center staff. The IFCN Economic Models and standards ensure comparability between countries and provide a global picture.

Partnership benefits


Access to a global research network and its results


Results articles for publication


Regular market insights for stakeholders


Analysis results presentation for knowledge dissemination


Overview of IFCN Partnership options

level a – country profile partnership

Level b – Country profile partnership

level c – consortium partnership

We need

Country profile data

You get

2 IFCN Dairy Reports

Possbility to participate at the IFCN Dairy Conference

We need

Country profile data

Farm data of 2 or more typical dairy farms

You get

3 IFCN Dairy Reports

TIPI-CAL Model using rights
Small IFCN Farm Results Database

Possbility to participate at the IFCN Dairy Conference

We need

Country profile data

Farm data of 2 or more typical dairy farms

Partnership fee

You get

20 IFCN Dairy Reports

TIPI-CAL Model using rights

Full IFCN Farm Results Database

Possbility to participate at the IFCN Dairy Conference

Other defined individual agreements

Additionally, all IFCN Research Partners receive

• IFCN World Dairy Map with global overview • Newsletters with monthly market and network updates • IFCN Results Presentation • Article on international farm economics • IFCN Long-term Outlook data for own country • Presentations and press releases • IFCN dairy researcher meeting webinar • Representation in the IFCN Dairy Report and on the IFCN website & social media


Overview of IFCN Data

IFCN is a great platform to reduce data mining and to create market knowledge

country profiles

farming systems analysed

Research partners

years of expierence

Geography & time

Macro data

micro data

ca. 180 countries

from 6 to 20 regions per country

annual data for 26 years

monthly data for 17 years

Milk production data

National milk prices

National feed prices

Trade data

Dairy farm number

Dairy animal number

Farm structure forecast

Long-term Dairy Outlook

Farm costs

Farm benchmarking

Farm productivity

Sustainability analysis


A comprehensive overview of the complex dairy world in a 224-page book based on IFCN research. Make better decisions based on analysis with comparable, global dairy data.

Hard copy of the selected report

The complex global dairy world with national and regional data in one book.

Macro picture: 125 country profile analyses and world maps

Micro picture: Farm economics and sustainability analysis

Release: Every year in October


Status of the IFCN Research Network

Who We Are

  • We are a global network for research and consultancy in the dairy supply chain.
  • We help people to make better decisions.
  • We are the leading provider of dairy economic data, knowledge and inspiration.
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The IFCN Advantage

  • Knowledge creation by connecting data and people.
  • Researchers from over 100 countries and 20 professionals at IFCN in Kiel, Germany.
  • 130 companies from the whole dairy supply chain are already partners.

Your Key Benefits

  • The global holistic picture of the dairy world.
  • Networking with your peers and companies in the supply chain.
  • Ugrade your business intelligence with better dairy economic data and knowledge.

Our data services for you

  • Access to comprehensive databases with real-time insights & forecasts.
  • Country profile analysis and benchmarking at farm level for strategic planning.
  • Consultancy projects on individual questions.

Research partners / participating organisations

These research partners provide information about their countries in 2024 and use the IFCN knowledge and data for their research, teaching and farm advisory work:

The IFCN Advantage

What makes IFCN offers unique?

Our team of dairy experts is dedicated to support the dairy industry to make fact- and knowledge-based decisions. We offer globally comparable data, unparalleled knowledge, and innovative ideas to empower our network members to increase their capabilities and performance. With expertise around different milk production systems, dairy sustainability measurements, global milk production, pricing, and economic trends, we provide market intelligence and valuable insights to drive success in the dairy world.


We improve your dairy business operations with our advanced proprietary IFCN methods.


We create knowledge by connecting data and people.


We are proud to have formed partnerships with over 130 companies spanning the entire dairy supply chain.


We have access to extensive databases that provide real-time insights and forecasts.


Researchers and dairy experts from over 90 countries contribute their expertise to IFCN.

IFCN Dairy Research Network

These companies and insitutions already work with us!


Unleash the full potential of your dairy business with IFCN’s cutting-edge industry analysis and ongoing insights. Gain unparalleled access to the latest trends and data in the dairy world, empowering you to make informed decisions that drive growth and success for your company. Trust IFCN to guide your business to new heights in the competitive dairy market.

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Dairy Asia


Joining IFCN connects you with the premier global dairy network. Through IFCN, you will receive assistance to enhance relationships with your dairy stakeholders and advance your career within the dairy industry. Additionally, by becoming part of IFCN, you will contribute to bolstering the economic landscape of the dairy sector in your country.

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Become a member

If you have a passion for dairy, we would love to be connected with you! IFCN is open to forming new partnerships, collaborations, and consultancy projects. Let’s join forces to further develop and advance the dairy sector.


Schauenburgerstr. 116 – 24118 Kiel, Germany

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09:00 / 15:00 CET


If you have a passion for dairy, we would love to be connected with you! IFCN is open to forming new partnerships, collaborations, and consultancy projects. Let's join forces to further develop and advance the dairy sector.

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Research partnership

IFCN gives you a voice to reach other players in the dairy world. Updated global milk and feed price trends and helpful IFCN publications are presented on the IFCN Website. Farm comparison work allows you to judge the competitive position of milk production in your region.

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supporter partnership

More than 130 dairy-related companies are collaborating with IFCN, a global dairy network that helps customers to improve their decision-making process. Globally comparable dairy data (market and farm level) with latest developments and forecasts are providedfor over 25 years to better understand the dairy world. 

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Projects & tailor made solutions

Our custom-made consultancy and research projects range from full-day workshops to short- or long-term projects, giving the opportunity to strengthen capacity building in dairy knowledge and to support in strategic planning. A specific project can save internal resources by using the knowledge and network of the IFCN.