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audience at ifcn events – for 25 years now

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IFCN Approach: 3 events pillars

Take the lead: Networking


Networking is one of the three key pillars of the IFCN network.

Our goal is to bring together the entire dairy supply chain to discuss the latest market dynamics and to build a united approach for the future of dairy behind competition.

The Supporter Conference includes three differently designed networking evenings and the Tourism Day before the official start of the conference.

Your benefits as a sponsor:

  • Active co-design of the evenings’ structure in terms of substance and organization.
  • Brand positioning and individual marketing opportunities.
  • Informal and high-quality interaction with key people throughout the Dairy Supply Chain.

Take the lead: Knowledge & Insights


The biggest pillar of the IFCN conferences is the transfer of knowledge & insights.

The topic of the conference is developed together with the host and individually adapted to the needs of the brand and also pays great attention to the latest developments in the industry to develop an all-round interesting and engaging program with high-level speakers and dairy experts.

IFCN provides the basis for understanding with the Short-Term and Long-Term Outlook and presents the status quo as well as the forecasts for the industry as a basis for discussion.

Your advantages as a sponsor:

  • Joint creation of the topic and the program of the conference.
  • Nominate your own speakers.
  • Appoint your own panelists.

Take the lead: inspiration


The biggest pillar of the IFCN conferences is the transfer of knowledge & insights.

Together with the host of the conference, we aim to show the typical farming systems of the region and to introduce the participants to the “real life” on the dairy farms.

The farm visits usually take place on the mornings of the two main conference days and thus offer a relaxed and varied start to the day.

Your advantages as a sponsor:

  • Opportunity to showcase the engagement between your brand and the farmers and to demonstrate your projects.
  • Active involvement in the content and organization of the farm visits.
  • Brand positioning and individual marketing opportunities.

sponsorship packages

Position yourself and your company for the future with this unique opportunity.

Join the IFCN conference to gain access to exclusive insights within the IFCN researcher network. Explore our various sponsorship packages below, and stand out as a key sponsor for the next IFCN event!


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Indvidual contract agreements

The IFCN Sponsorship

Benefits of being a sponsor of the IFCN events

Elevate your company’s visibility by aligning with key industry discussions and shaping the future of agriculture through our customizable sponsorship opportunities. Explore our diverse sponsorship packages with unique perks tailored to your needs. Join the conversation on sustainability, agriculture digitalization, and more – be a part of the buzz!


Seize the chance to shape the conference topic and program with your valuable input.


Being under the same roof and engaging with hundreds of peers offers greater return on investment in the first place.


Learn and gain from the experience of experts present at the conference. Have access to the post-event reports.


Raise awareness of your brand and gain more exposure through our network. Event sponsorship, being a less intrusive form of marketing, also helps in building trust between companies.

IFCN Sponsors

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If you have a passion for dairy, we would love to be connected with you! IFCN is open to forming new partnerships, collaborations, and consultancy projects. Let's join forces to further develop and advance the dairy sector.

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Research partnership

IFCN gives you a voice to reach other players in the dairy world. Updated global milk and feed price trends and helpful IFCN publications are presented on the IFCN Website. Farm comparison work allows you to judge the competitive position of milk production in your region.

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supporter partnership

More than 130 dairy-related companies are collaborating with IFCN, a global dairy network that helps customers to improve their decision-making process. Globally comparable dairy data (market and farm level) with latest developments and forecasts are providedfor over 25 years to better understand the dairy world. 

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Projects & tailor made solutions

Our custom-made consultancy and research projects range from full-day workshops to short- or long-term projects, giving the opportunity to strengthen capacity building in dairy knowledge and to support in strategic planning. A specific project can save internal resources by using the knowledge and network of the IFCN.