It is a big step for IFCN to move into the new offices – designed to combine dairy economic research, consultancy and professional network management

Since 2006 IFCN has been renting office space in the KITZ, Kiel Innovation and Technology Centre, near the University of Kiel (CAU). We are very grateful to the Kitz for creating this new building in which we were able to design office space that best suits IFCN. 

This new office infrastructure offers several opportunities:

1. Our team in Kiel has a top infrastructure with more open spaces and modern means of communication 

2. Our research partners are welcome to spend time with us in Kiel if they like

3. Our students have more opportunities to connect with us during their master’s thesis

4. Our company partners will benefit from more creative research and consulting services

A big thanks to Marieke and the entire team that took this big step for IFCN and its future under Covid restrictions.