IFCN Top 20 Dairy Company research has created the world’s first dairy processor report with comparable data on people, planet and profit. Instead of repeating opinions, we provide thought-leaders and people of action like you with facts. The companies selected represent over 40% of the milk which is formally processed.

WHAT: In 2020 IFCN extended its research to better illustrate how milk processors are contributing to the three dimension of sustainability.

People: Contributions to dairy farmers, employees, shareholders and via taces to governments
Planet: We have collected how these companies work on the topic of sustainability and greenhouse gas emissions
Profit: Analysis on basic profitability indicators and drivers for it.

WHAT FOR – How is this report creating value, how can it be used?

  1. For understanding how much milk processing and its companies are contributing to society
  2. For benchmarking your dairy company among the 20 biggest dairy processors worldwide
  3. For developing successful strategies in the dairy sector in general



Join us 1st December 2020 in one of our two webinars. The events are free of charge.