IFCN is happy to support the Livestocktrend.com initiative from Olusegun Oloruntobi via its “non-profit-organisation”!

Livestocktrend.com – an online news media – has the aim to give a voice to marginalized rural women, pastoralists and dairy farmers in West Africa.

Learn more about Livestocktrend.com here >>  

If you want to support them too, read more & make your donation via this link >>

Olusegun has been IFCN research partner from Nigeria for many years. He and his team are now launching a fundraising campaign to raise a minimum of €5000 to sustain their operations. As every €20 will help deploy a reporter & publish another story. Not only that, it will also help them to launch a new mobile App & YouTube series tagged #My_Livestock_Story.

The IFCN SUPPORT ASSOCIATION e.V. was founded in 2005 by people in the IFCN network as a none profit organization. This organization has raised funds by donations. We have been able to support a number of dairy related students in their PhD research and researchers from emerging countries to join our IFCN Dairy Conference with travel costs.

Now we are delighted to support Olusegun and his project!