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It is time to refresh the IFCN Products and services list for 2023. As usual, we have updated the new IFCN Product list 2023 for your review. It’s been designed in a way that all main benefits, key features and technical details of each service are covered in 1 page.

What is the new since last year?

  • Partnership page: In the Product list, we provided details about the IFCN Basic level Partnership and updates on the partnership fees.
  • IFCN Latin American Newsletter: We interpret and summarize the latest dairy development and give indications what could happen in the future in Latam region. It is available as video and PDF file format in monthly basis.  
  • IFCN Short-term Dairy Outlook: The future development points of milk supply and farm economics for 65 countries are available for now. In this way we want to share our forecasts with you every month what may happen upcoming 6-12 months in your interested markets.
  • IFCN Dairy Outlook Workshop: We invite you to explore options for the road ahead of the dairy industry as we are facing more challenges and uncertainties. During this workshop, the short and medium term outlook will be discussed and you will get guidance on how the dairy world is changing.
  • IFCN Scenario Building Workshop: We continue to develop new service in the areas of dairy outlook. This workshop enables you to grasp essential facts on different scenarios for your key focus areas.

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