IFCN Data and services

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It is time to refresh the IFCN Products and services list for 2022. As usual, we have updated the new IFCN Product list 2022 for your review. It’s been designed in a way that all main benefits, key features and technical details of each product are covered in 1 page.

What is the new since last year?

  • Partnership page: In the Product list, we provided details about the IFCN Basic level Partnership and 3 blocks of IFCN Market Intelligence Services.
  • IFCN Forum: Emerging Dairy Region page illustrates the value and participation possibilities at this event.
  • Data: The future development points indicated on the page of each data product. In this way we want to inform you in advance what innovation may happen upcoming years.
  • Processor Report: We described the new IFCN Dairy Processors Report 2020 which has discounted price for our partners.
  • New Research: We continue to develop new research studies in the areas of dairy sustainability, farm economics and other topics. List of development areas are provided with its core content coverage.
  • Order form: Now you can directly order IFCN databases and services via filling up the Order Form and sending back to us. In this way, we are able to fasten the process of ordering the IFCN services

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