Dairy Knowledge Webinar

How tight is the connection between changes in the farm structure and dairy farm economics? Is milk supply being affected by current milk and feed price developments? Where is the starting point for the dairy in the future and its sustainability?

IFCN experts will share with you answers on these questions and more during the free public webinar Connecting Dairy Data and Knowledge – IFCN and its way to help people in the Dairy World – on August 17th.

If you have more questions regarding named topics, you will have the opportunity to directly address our dairy experts in the live Q&A session.

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While participation is free, online registration is required. Remember to submit your questions in the comment box!

We look forward to welcoming you – online on August 17th at 10:00AM & 4:00PM!

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Date & Time

Date: Tuesday, 17th of August 2021

Session 1 – 10 AM CET
Session 2 – 4 PM CET

Duration: 45 minutes + Q&A

You will have the opportunity to directly address our dairy experts in a Q&A session!


About us: IFCN and our services for you

Dairy Farm Economics and its connection to the Farm Structure

Milk production drivers: milk and feed price

Long term perspective: dairy outlook and sustainability

Q&A session


Milica Kocić

Milica Kocić

Dairy Economist

Ilkin Huseynov

Ilkin Huseynov

Sales & Data Manager

Highlights from Webinar #1

In the first Public event of 2021 we had a great pleasure to host more than 120 dairy people from more than 80 dairy related companies, organizations, and institutions.
Together we connected top level dairy data and knowledge to discuss the question: “Is 2020 really behind us?”.

During the webinar IFCN experts wrapped up 2020, presented the current situation in the dairy world and gave a short-term outlook.

Dairy Conference 2021