15% increase of dairy prices in NZ at last GDT auction – What’s next?

The last time that we have seen such a high increase in average GDT prices was in Sep ‘15! Before this, in the beginning of the year 2015, we have observed high increases and afterwards five consecutive months of decreasing prices. ​

Will this development happen this time as well?​

Usually, we have seen a turning point in the IFCN World Milk Price (peak month) in recent years in March. This year the picture might look different. ​
There are several uncertainties which could lead to a further price increase, but also to decreasing price developments. ​

Wednesday 3rd, the results and outcome of the quarterly short-term outlook for prices and production were presented to the IFCN Premium and Ultimate Partners.​

What do you think about the future?
Will dairy prices going to increase further or are we going to see similar developments like in the past? Let us know – we are happy to discuss with you.​