Today the dairy world serves over 7 billion consumers and provides livelihoods for approximately 1 billion people living on dairy farms. The key challenges for the dairy stakeholders lie in its complexity and the high rate of change in a globalized world. IFCN is a global dairy related research network that helps to better understand the dairy world by providing globally comparable dairy economic data and even forecasts.

The IFCN global network started in 2000 with the basics – the cow and the dairy farmer. Step by step the knowledge base was deepening and widening every year. The knowledge creation is done via a network of dairy researchers from over 100 countries contributing to annual processes with coordination by the IFCN AG which is a company related to Kiel University and with the team in Kiel.

The IFCN economic models and standards ensure comparability between countries and provide a global picture. More than 100 dairy related companies and organizations support the IFCN and use the knowledge to better solve the challenges in the dairy world. These companies work in the field of milk processing, milking and barn equipment, animal health and hygiene, feed, farm machinery, animal and plant genetics and others.

The results of the research are published annually in the IFCN Dairy Report. Moreover, annual conferences play a key role in developing the network spirit.

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