IFCN Dairy Report

IFCN Dairy Report

The IFCN Dairy Report has been published annually since 2000 and has become a standard publication for researchers and companies involved in the dairy chain. It enables to gain a holistic view and understand interrelations in the dairy sector on a global level. By this, it presents a solid fact base for discussions and strategy development in the dairy supply chain.



The IFCN Dairy Report includes

Cost comparison

Chapter 1 – Micro-economic results on costs, returns, profitability and productivities of dairy farms world-wide.

Country profiles

Chapter 3 – Key results are summarized at the beginning of the chapter via graphs or world maps. Comparable country profiles*1) are shown in one page per country.

Global monitoring

Chapter 2 – Broad monitoring on specific dairy issues such as milk prices, feed prices, milk:feed price ratio and also currency exchange rate developments.


Chapter 4 – Methods applied in the IFCN Analysis, including a glossary and description of the IFCN Standardization and IFCN Typical Farm Approach.


IFCN Dairy Report

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*1) Every uneven year

Milk production fact sheets, showing: 

  • Milk production trends within the country
  • Dairy farm numbers and farm sizes
  • Dairy farm structure and its development
  • Milk and feed price developments
  • Trends in land, beef and quota price

Every even year

Dairy sector fact sheets, showing:

  • Milk supply and demand developments
  • Milk prices in relation to the world market
  • Consumer prices and margins in the chain
  • Development of main demand drivers
  • Milk processing profiles
  • A list of 10 major processors
Dairy Report
IFCN Dairy Report

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