24th IFCN Dairy Conference

Energy Crisis in Dairy: Challenge or Opportunity?
Hybrid event with selected streaming times

June 10th – 13th 2023 | Riga, Latvia

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About the conference

Why should you join the 2023 IFCN Dairy Conference?

The world is changing, and milk supply scarcity is becoming reality. The biggest milk supply driver is the cost of production. We are living in times of market uncertainty, high inflation, and volatile energy prices. All those factors directly impact milk production on the farm level. Deeper analysis of the energy management of the farm activities and the feed production is required to optimize the farm costs.

Let’s meet and brainstorm on upcoming challenges and opportunities in the current energy crisis over the world. Bringing together researchers from all over the world will be great opportunity to explore the topic together and create a positive future of the dairy world in those uncertain times.

Why should you participate live?

There will be organizational changes for the 2023 set-up of the IFCN Dairy Conference. Unlike this year’s conference in Kiel, we will not put up both days of the main conference in a hybrid concept but only stream the second day of the conference, as the special topic day.

This 2023 concept means that you should travel to Latvia for the full experience of the conference with all the knowledge, panels, presentations, and networking.

Status of the participants in IFCN Dairy Conference 2023

EU - 48 participants

Germany, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Kosovo, Finland, Belgium, Hungary, Switzerland, Ukraine, France, Greece, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Latvia, Austria

Africa - 20 participants

Egypt, Botswana, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Nigeria, Algeria, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Mozambique, Ruanda

Asia - 16 participants

China, Japan, Azerbaijan, Saudi Arabia, Armenia, Malaysia, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, Vietnam, India, Indonesia

Oceania - 4 participants

Australia, New Zealand

North America - 6 participants

Canada, Mexico, USA

South America - 12 participants

Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Brazil

IFCN Dairy Conference 2023 – Preliminary Program – status 05.2023



09:00: Opening & IFCN Researcher Network 2023
11:00: IFCN Workshop / Methods & Data Quality
13:00: Lunch
14:00: Research Presentations & Contributions
16:45: Sum Up & Closing



10:00: Departure for Farms
11:30: Farm Visits
15:00:Latvian BBQ Party


The Vecsiljani farm was founded in 1991. At that time managing 70 ha of land and keeping 10 cows. Currently Vecsiljani manages 1500 ha of land and has herd of 1150 dairy cows. Farm produces 36 tons of milk every day, part of the morning milk is produced in “Ievas cheese”. “Vecsiljani” farm planning, manure collection, biogas plant and organic fertilizer application technologies ensure a closed ecological cycle. Vecsiljani used technologies allow processing of waste, manure, and cheese whey, while producing renewable energy. Closed cycle farm is our vision for reducing climate change in the future, while producing quality food and reducing the environmental impact of agriculture pollution.


The farm was founded on November 1, 1993 and its specialization is dairy and beef cattle. In addition, we grow grain and provide technical services. The farm manages a total of 320 ha of agricultural land, of which 45 ha are corn for silage, 60 ha are cereals, 15 ha are legumes, 120 ha are intensive silage grasslands, 80 ha are meadows and pastures. The farm has 91 dairy cows and 93 suckling cows. The farm has used funds from European funds as support for investments. In 2008, a barn for young cattle was renovated and fodder preparation equipment was purchased. In 2016, the construction of a beef cattle shed, and a manure shed was carried out. Currently, the construction of the robotic farm is underway, which will house 2 milking robots. The milk is sold to the cooperative E-pim, of which we are also long-term members.

MAIN CONFERENCE | DAY 1 | 12 June 2023 


9:00: Opening & Status of the network
9:30: Welcome to Latvia & Balticum

Status of the dairy world
9:50: IFCN Status of the Dairy World – what happened to dairy world in times of war and rising prices?
10:45: IFCN Short Term Dairy Outlook – what might happen during times of increasing uncertainties?
11:15: Panel: Regional challenges & opportunities for the next 12 months
12:00: Lunch

IFCN Farm Economics
13:15: IFCN Status of farming in the last years – where are we and why?
13:45: Scenario Building Workshop: Regional future dairy farm perspectives
16:15: Sum Up & Closing
17:30: Old City Riga Walk
19:00: Networking Evening at restaurant “kalku varti”

MAIN CONFERENCE | DAY 2 | 13 June 2023


09:00: Framework of today
09:30: new green policy in EU: Impact, necessary changes and future trends for EU & Latvia
10:00: Challenges and Opportunities in Dairy – What does it mean for Latvia?

Energy Crisis in Dairy: Challenges & Opportunities
10:45: Global market overview, impacts & IFCN Long Term Dairy Outlook
11:30: NZ position as a key world dairy exporter. What to expect in the future?
11:45: Situation of the dairy market in UA and its impact on the dairy world
12:00: I dairy an option for the future in developing regions?
12:15: Panel: Dairy world in times of fast changes. How the regional development may impact the global situation?
13:15: Lunch

Dairy Farm Energy Management
14:15: Energy and feed management on the farms
14:45: Farmers Margin as a key indicator for farm sustainability
15:05: Farmers surviving and making money under high inflation and volatility. What lessons can we learn from Argentina?
15:20: Dairy transformation in the Netherlands: Sustainability Challenges and what does it mean for future farming in Europe
15:35: Panel: Dairy farming under pressure. Are we prepared for future challenges?
16:30: Closing of the Conference
18:00: Farewell Evening at “Ozo Golf Club”


The conference Venue

Location of the 24th IFCN Dairy Conference

This year, dairy researchers are meeting in Riga, Latvia.

Riga, the capital of Latvia, is not only the crown jewel of Latvia, but also of the Baltics. Riga’s Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Riga has more than 600 000 inhabitants, making it the largest city in the Baltic States.

Riga is also known as an architectural jewel – a city where you can see churches from the city’s origins, medieval buildings in the Old Town, unique examples of Art Nouveau, as well as wooden architecture that has survived the centuries and modern architectural jewels.

The IFCN Supporter Conference will be held at the Radisson Blu Daugava Hotel from June 10th to 13th

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Speakers & Panellists


Torsten Hemme

Torsten Hemme


Dorothee Bölling

Dorothee Bölling

Senior Dairy Economist

Shiyin Zhong

Shiyin Zhong

Research Network Manager

Łukasz Wyrzykowski

Łukasz Wyrzykowski

General Manager

Philipp Goetz

Philipp Goetz

Lead Product Development

Amelie Kölbl

Amelie Kölbl

Event Manager

Andrea Lendewig

Andrea Lendewig

Senior Dairy Economist

Gerta Karanxha

Gerta Karanxha

Dairy Economist

Muhammad Abdullah Raffie

Muhammad Abdullah Raffie

Junior Dairy Economist

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Dairy Conference Live

Let us talk about the Energy Crisis in Dairy

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