D3.8 – IFCN Top Milk Processors Data

Core competencies of IFCN Data are benchmarking and comparability of the dairy sector. D3.8 highlights benchmarking of the top dairy processors in the major milk producing countries of the world. The top dairy companies are ranked by milk intake and turnover, these data can serve as substantial help for market analysis and strategic decisions for a specific region.

With support of the product IFCN Partners enable to observe and judge growing formal milk supply chain markets and business opportunities. Moreover, the product gives information about the consolidation degree of different markets by showing the market share of single or several processors in a country. In addition to this, the legal status of processing facilities is taking into account to show the national fragmentation of the dairy industry. The IFCN Top Milk Processor Data creates a broad picture of the processing industry and its main players with past development data for over 60 countries.

Main Benefits

  • Benchmark top dairy processors with milk intake amount in each country
  • Compare the turnover of milk processors
  • Get legal structure of top 10 dairy processors
  • Analysis dairy market share of each top milk processors

Key variables of the time line data

  • Top 10 Milk Processors ranking on milk intake (1000 ton) and turnover
  • Names of companies and legal status: cooperatives, private and state owned
  • Share of market of each milk processor
  • Dairy supply chain concentrate rate
  • Value creation per kg milk per processor

Country illustration

– world –

Data Coverage

+60 countries covering 90% of world milk production

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