D3.5 – IFCN Monthly Dairy Trade Data

As one of the core competences of IFCN is dairy demand and trade data of dairy sector, IFCN Partner can get benefit  of current data on monthly trade of dairy commodities, down to the level of 6-digit HS code, for over 90 of the top trading countries.

The D3.5 product can serve as a substantial help when planning the product trade strategies by highlighting the market trends and how international dairy demand and trade are taking shape in the terms of volume and value in USD and national currency. Monthly volume and value of export and import per dairy commodities enables users to assess the dairy self-sufficiency situations per country. Monthly dairy trade data product has an exceptional value having comparable, IFCN Milk Equivalency (ME) units for each traded indicator.

Main Benefits

  • Single click on a country’s dairy trade overview in excel
  • Visualise reports through colourful charts and tables in your own analysis
  • Analyse trends of imports and exports by a product dairy category
  • Data export in a format to integrate your own database
  • Multiple country (up to 6) comparisons of trade
  • Selection of relevant currency on trade values

Key variables of the time line data

  • Volume of export and import: split per 6 digit HS code commodities (mill t ME)
  • Volume of export and import: split per 6 digit HS code commodities (mill t ME)
  • Self-sufficiency indicator

Country illustration

– Germany –

*Current graphical chart is for representation purposes only. Actual graphs may vary.

Data Coverage

over 90 of the top trading countries

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