D5.2 – IFCN Farm Feeding System Data

Farm comparison context is mainly driven by feeding systems diversity worldwide. IFCN D5.2 presents more detailed aspects of feeding systems and feed rations in over 50 countries around the world. Two typical farms characterize each country or major dairy region within a country, one farm is an average sized farm, the second one a large farm representing a more intensive production system that IFCN Partners can see their potential customers or suppliers in a country.

This is a unique tool for comparing and benchmarking various aspects of feeding systems around the world, as information on the composition of the feed ration, relation between compound feed and roughage, purchased and home-grown feed, costs and feed efficiency at farm level are available. An interactive function allows dairy -related companies to select those farms of the highest priority potential customer and obtain the information in a graphical form for any customized reports. Information on milk yield, herd parameters, feed efficiency and different economic parameters related to feeding is completed with ex-post 20 years’ time series. IFCN D5.2 is the most comprehensive and available tool available when it comes to dairy feeding worldwide.

Main Benefits

  • Basic information on the national dairy sector and milk production costs
  • Basic information on herd simulation of each farm
  • Interactive sheets for selecting countries and farms
  • Ready-to-use charts
  • Comparison of two farms which can be individually selected
  • Benchmarking feeding, efficiency, and costs of >120 farms
  • Data in Excel for additional analysis on your behalf

Key variables of the time line data

  • Farm information: herd size, milk yield
  • Land base and land cost
  • Feed intake
  • Feed ration and details on roughage and concentrates
  • Feed efficiency and concentrate intensity
  • Costs of feed and feeding and margin over feed costs
  • Concentrate prices and land prices

Country illustration

Data Coverage

+50 countries covering 89% of the milk production worldwide

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