Global shortage of dairy – challenges & opportunities for your business

A joint workshop of Eucolait and IFCN on the outlooks for the dairy market.
28th – 29th March 2023, Brussels, Live workshop

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1500 EUR per person
2 days on site in Brussels
Networking lunch and dinner
Presentations from the workshop in PDF format

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Your benefits

Get insights into the latest trends and future developments.

Learn about the dairy market development and farm economics in next months.

From dairy farming to commodity trade – expand your dairy knowledge.

Discover challenges and opportunities in dairy market for your business.

Understand how to move from operational and tactical planning to strategic decision-making.

Networking with dairy industry and joined brainstorming – Wisdom of the crowd

Why should you attend the workshop?

The world is changing, and the milk supply scarcity is becoming reality. Milk supply pool knowledge and drivers behind it are crucial to plan the business in the dairy supply chain.

Rising volatility, new rules of dairy farming, political instability, environmental regulations, supply chain disruptions and trade agreements. These are just some of the uncertainties for future developments in the global dairy world – and this list can easily be extended to include many more.

That’s why Eucolait and IFCN have decided to host a workshop on the future outlook for dairy markets– to show you what might happen in the future and how to navigate and prepare for the increasing uncertainty.

Workshop Programme

DAY 1 – 28 March 2022 (13:00 – 17:30 CET)

Dairy Market Insights and Opinions – operational / tactical part

Networking Lunch

Energy market at risk: What does that mean for dairy? | HCSS – Lucia van Geuns

Status of the Dairy World & Short-Term Outlook | IFCN – Philipp Goetz

Status of the dairy trade & consumption | Eucolait – Jukka Likitalo & Julie Collard

Panel: What might happen in the short-term future to dairy

Mid-term future of EU dairy | DG Agri at European Commission – Andrea Porcella Capkovicova

Squaring the circle – creating sustainable farming whilst retaining the affordability of dairy nutrition to the many | Kite Consulting – John Allen

Mid-Term future of dairy – global scenario analysis 2030 | IFCN – Andrea Lendewig

Panel: Global Shortage of dairy – challenges and opportunities for your business | SAS – Erik Elgersma & Eucolait – Jukka Likitalo

Networking Evening

DAY 2 – 29 March 2022 (9:00 – 12:30 CET)

Networking and Group Work – strategic part

Workshop: Dairy Margins in volatile market: Opportunities and challenges | SAS – Erik Elgersma

Networking Lunch


Philipp Goetz

Philipp Goetz

Lead Product Development at IFCN

Philipp is working since 2017 at IFCN and is focusing on modelling the milk production and price developments. He started as a dairy economist analysing, presenting and collecting dairy sector data in over 100 countries, he is now the Lead of Product Development, managing, planning, analysing and developing the IFCN data services and insights.

Lucia van Geuns

Lucia van Geuns

Lucia van Geuns is an experienced energy professional who held research positions at the Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) and the Clingendael International Energy Programme (CIEP) after a career with Royal Dutch Shell (1980- 2002). She has a background in geoscience, petroleum engineering, economics & planning. Her research focuses on international energy market developments, energy transition issues and climate change policies. In her present role, she is a frequent speaker on (international) energy markets for various public and private stakeholders. Ms. Van Geuns holds a Master’s degree in Earth Sciences from the University of Leiden. 

Julie Collard

Julie Collard

Economic affairs & Events manager at Eucolait

Julie Collard is the Economic Affairs and Events Manager at Eucolait, the European Dairy Trade Association based in Brussels. She has been in charge of processing Eucolait’s statistics and organising events for the past 15 years around Europe. In 2019 she took over the position of market analyst within the association. She is responsible for data analysis, market reporting and creation of content for Eucolait’s presentations.

Andrea Lendewig

Andrea Lendewig

Senior Dairy Economist

Andrea recently finished her PhD in agricultural sciences with a focus on agricultural policies at the University of Kiel. The regular application of several quantitative methods in her academic and professional background have provided her with analytical insight when working with data. She joined the IFCN in April this year and has been mostly involved in the preparation of the monthly products. Recently, she has been dedicated to the improvement of the 3.4 Margin and has been supporting the development of some international projects.

Andrea Porcella Capkovicova

Andrea Porcella Capkovicova

Analyst & EU agricultural outlook co-ordinator at Unit of Analysis and Outlook, DG Agri at European Commission

Andrea Porcella Capkovicova is a socio-economic analyst in the unit of Analysis and Outlook at DG AGRI (European Commission) since 2017. In her work, she prepares the short-term and medium-term market analysis of milk and dairy products in the EU, and co-ordinates the process of the EU agricultural outlook. She has an academic background in Agricultural, Environmental and Food Policy Analysis.

John Allen

John Allen

Director at Kite Consulting

John is a Director with Kite Consulting, recognised consultancy specialists in the UK Dairy and Livestock Sector. He works along the supply chain with some of the UK’s leading operators.

He has been recognised with a number of awards for his contribution to the industry.

Erik Elgersma

Erik Elgersma

Visiting Lecturer at VU School of Business, Amsterdam, independent dairy consultant)

Erik has been Director of Strategic Analysis in FrieslandCampina up to Dec. 2018, where he worked for 20 years. He is now independent consultant to the global food industry, having among others consulted to five of the world’s top-20 dairy companies in the last 2 years. He is also a visiting lecturer at the Free University Amsterdam, School of Business & Economics, Faculty Management & Organization.

Jukka Likitalo

Jukka Likitalo

Secretary General at Eucolait

Jukka has some 13 years of experience in the dairy sector. He has been heading Eucolait, the voice of the European dairy trading community with more than 400 members, since 2014. Jukka is the main representative of the organisation and responsible for its output and analysis, covering a variety of dairy policy and market topics.

Muzaffar Yunusov

Muzaffar Yunusov

Lead of Key Account Management at IFCN

Muzaffar is Lead of Key Account Management at IFCN where he is working for since 2015. During 2015-2017, he worked as a dairy economist analysing, presenting and collecting dairy sector data in over 100 countries, he is now responsible for IFCN customer network management of over 140 agri-food business companies where he should lead the sales and relationship management with partners. He has an academic background of Economics and Agricultural Economics.
Alice O'Donovan

Alice O'Donovan

Legal and Policy Adviser at Eucolait

Alice is a Legal and Policy Adviser with Eucolait, focusing on the main policy developments impacting dairy trade. Alice has been with Eucolait for 10 years.

Pricing & Venue

1500 EUR per person

2 days on site in Brussels

Networking lunch and dinner

Presentations from the workshop in PDF format


Hotel Brussels


The Hotel Brussels is a chic hotel on Boulevard de Waterloo. The hotel offers sleek rooms and suites with panoramic views of Brussels. The Hotel is easy to find. Standing tall on Boulevard de Waterloo in the central fashion district, arriving by plane, public transport or car is a breeze.

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How can dairy outlooks be used? And why is it important to have accurate outlooks?

This seminar enables you to get guidance on how the dairy world is changing that are suitable for anyone in the broader dairy chain as you will be able to get answers to the question of whether you are able to satisfy current and future demand (either on the dairy commodity or on the farm input side). In addition, outlooks can be used as a navigator, orientation guide and basis for upcoming decision-making processes.

Milk Processing Trading Retailing Farm input Others (e.g. banking, policy)
Guidance for product pricing strategies
Definition of purchasing tactics
Planning of capacity in plants
Definition of marketing strategies
Forecasting of own sales numbers
Understanding market developments and identify trade developments
Analysis of the risk of financial issues at farm level
Opportunity or risk profile of capital (goods) markets
Exploration of potential new markets – identify potential market size
Deciding on investments in new markets (plants, farms, etc.)


The dairy markets worldwide look to change fundamentally. What will dairy look like in 2030? So curious to get as many different and independent perspectives as possible – the best way to develop a forecast after all.


– Erik Elgersma, visiting lecturer at VU School of Business, Amsterdam and independent consultant.

I am looking forward to meet you at this great workshop and learn more about different opinions and thoughts about the future of the dairy industry from other market experts.


Philipp Goetz, Lead of the Product Development at IFCN

The dairy industry has undoubtedly entered a period of fundamental change. Join us for insights about the road ahead at this unprecedented workshop where the dairy research and trading communities will join forces.


Jukka Likitalo, Secretary General at Eucolait

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