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All the IFCN Partners receive continously output from the IFCN in terms of specific data, knowledge and opportunities depending on their involvement.

The fundamental elements shared with all the partners covers:

  • Copies of the IFCN Dairy Report with knowledge on global and farm level
  • Regular market updates
  • Global networking
  • Invitation to the annual conference for partners
  •  Access to additional opportunities, data and knowledge depending on involvement


Why joining the IFCN Network?


  • See a specific country or region in other perspective via comparable data
  • Annual monitoring of farm competiveness or sector developments with proven methodology
  • Detailed data for your research and discussions with dairy stakeholders to support development



  • Using IFCN Data, insights and expertise for analysis and strategic decision-making
  • Exchange of ideas with others in related field
  • Access to latest validated data and stories behind it at the IFCN Supporter Conferences



  • Joint contributions to the global dairy-related agenda
  • Awareness of mutual tools, knowledge and expertise
  • Specific capacity-building in related areas

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If you would like to find out more about how to be involved, and what are the expected inputs and deliveries from IFCN please do not hesitate to contact the IFCN Dairy Network directly via mail or fill out the form below.


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