The IFCN Dairy Conference is a key platform for the IFCN Research Network to discuss latest analysis results, exchange international perspectives and explore a special annual topic. Around 70-80 participants from about 45 countries represent research institutions, dairy boards and associations, and other public and private bodies.

This researcher network makes IFCN unique and in all its uniqueness, the right to join the IFCN Dairy Conference is reserved to IFCN research partners only.


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IFCN Dairy Conference for IFCN Researcher, Jun 15-19, Berlin, Germany 

  • IFCN brings together researchers from institutions, dairy boards, government-related centers, dairy farmers, private and public organizations – around the world.
  • Participants discuss the most recent dairy developmentsfarm analysis results, methods, share local insights and discuss market outlook.

Sponsor possibility


GOLD Sponsor

10.000 EUR

SILVER Sponsor

6.000 EUR

Bronze Sponsor

3.000 EUR

Seats 2 1 1 (for the first day)
Presentation Promote your research topic in an 20 min presentation Promote your organization, vision, etc. in a e.g. panel discussion Support a specific activity like lunch, breakfast, dinner etc with banner etc
Communication Be announced as sponsor from date of signature Be announced as sponsor from date of signature Be announced as sponsor that day
Logo positioning In conference book, roll-ups/banners In conference book, roll-ups/banners None
Outcome Outcome paper, key presentations on preliminary results, summary slides Outcome paper, summary slides Outcome paper


IFCN Dairy Conference – Host 2019