The IFCN Dairy
Research Network

Who We Are

We are a global network for
research and consultancy
in the dairy supply chain

We help people to make
better decisions

The leading provider of dairy
economic data, knowledge
and inspiration

The IFCN Advantage

Knowledge creation by connecting
data and people

Researchers from 100+ countries and
20+ professionals at IFCN

140 companies from the whole dairy
supply chain are already partners

Your Key Benefits

The global holistic picture of the
dairy world

Networking with your peers and
companies in the supply chain

Upgrade your business
intelligence with better dairy
economic data and knowledge

IFCN Services For
Partner Companies

The Dairy Report

The complex global dairy world
in a 200-page book with national
and regionalized data

Micro picture: Farm economics
and sustainability analysis

Macro picture: 120+ country
profile analyses and world maps

The Think Tank Conference

A 2-day event with more than 100

Get the current state of the dairy
world and its trends and drivers

The short-term outlook for
budgeting and long term outlook
for strategic planning

The Dairy Data Services

Access key data from the
Dairy Report

Data for strategic planning
and operational management

Reduce your cost for data
mining and analysis with an
IFCN partnership

IFCN Data Samples
Covering dairy production, supply and farm economics

Strategic Data Products

Dairy Sector Data – with IFCN Long-term Dairy Outlook

Annual Farm Structure Data

Farm Economic Data & time series

Operational Data Products

Monthly Real Time Data – on production, prices and milk feed price ratio

Monthly Real Time Farm Economics

Monthly Dairy Trade Data

…and there is more:

Partner up and run your research projects with us!

Regular Market Updates via Mail and Webinar

and there is still more:

The exclusive monthly Newsletter for our partner companies with the latest development in the dairy sector

You can always contact our hotline with specific questions and we will answer tailored to your needs

IFCN will promote your company via logo positioning on our materials and via social media.



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