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D3.4.2 – IFCN Monthly Dairy Demand Data – extension file

IFCN believes that monthly supply and demand trends drive the world milk price development. In that reason IFCN enables its Partners to get the whole picture of the milk balance in the countries and aggregates via the D3.4.2 extension product. This product provides up to date data on monthly dairy demand which is calculated by combining national supply, trade, and stock levels for each of over 60 countries.

The IFCN Monthly Demand product supports to demand development and its seasonality via looking at the ex-post data as well as planning the demand movement trends. It will be released monthly and available only as an extension of product D3.4, IFCN Monthly Real Time Data. Total dairy export-import, stock changes data in milk equivalence volumes lead IFCN Partners to understand short-term market trends and milk pool situation in an analysing country. Comparability of each total traded volumes into IFCN Milk Equivalency (ME – fat and protein based on) and visualisation of results in one dashboard creates basis for further internal analysis.

Main Benefits

  • Single click on a country’s dairy demand overview in excel
  • Visualise reports through colourful charts and tables in your own analysis
  • Analyse inputs of demand calculation
  • Comparable dairy export and import data
  • Data export in a format to integrate your own database
  • Multiple country (up to 6) comparisons of demand
  • User flexibility to determine how you want data to be viewed:
    • Raw vs. Smoothed
    • IFCN vs. Independent stock levels
    • Calendar adjustments

Key variables of the time line data

  • Total volume of monthly dairy demand (mill t ME)
  • Raw / Smoothed trade data
  • Per capita dairy demand (kg ME)
  • Monthly milk production
  • Volume of monthly total exports
  • Volume of monthly total imports
  • Change in stock levels
  • Monthly population

Country illustration

– Germany –

Data Coverage

+60 countries covering 92% of world milk production