The Insights

Measure the world prices transmission periods to national markets

Judge the national farm economics

Forecast sales numbers based on the real-time farm economic situation

What you get

Milk prices

Feed prices

Margin over compound feed costs

Long term period of Bound

Judgement of farm economics

Technical details

Format: Excel and pdf files

Delivery: Monthly

62 countries, 95% of world milk supply

Data period: 2006 – current month

Price: 2,000 EUR/year

D3.4.1 –IFCN Monthly Real Time Farm Economics – extension file

IFCN D3.4.1 product delivers the main aim of IFCN to create better insight into milk supply development through farm economics. The farm economics data is compiled from current milk-feed prices and margin of costs for over 60 countries milk producers with easy traffic light visualisation.

This product, D3.4.1 is available as an extension file, delivered only together with the IFCN Monthly Real Time Data (D3.4). The product makes it possible to understand farmers margin over compound feed costs per concentrate use in feeding systems and IFCN judgment on farm economics per country. IFCN Partners get a chance to analyse the fast reaction and connection between world and national markets in the matter of farm economics, supply and feed price. Traffic light visualization of farm economics helps to see real time margin and combine with supply growth reaction in each month since 2007.

Main Benefits

  • Get monthly updated real time farm economics and prices data
  • Visualised assessment of national farm economics
  • Judgment on farmers margin and supply growth in a country
  • Right indicators for farm economics analysis since January 2007
  • Easy understandable view of distance national and world market prices

Key variables of the time line data

  • Monthly feed prices
  • Margin over compound costs production
  • Bound of margin over compound costs


Country coverage

+60 countries covering 92% of milk production

IFCN Monthly Real Time Farm Economics 

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