The Insights

Understand market changes and drivers

Compare milk prices across countries

Identify export opportunities

What you get

Milk/feed price ratio

Milk production

EU & USA stocks

Fat and protein content

Market report and charts

Technical details

Format: Excel and pdf files

Delivery: Monthly

64 countries, 92% of world milk

Data period: 2006 – current month

Price: 8,000 EUR/year (for current Partners, to get pricing for non-partners please contact us)

D3.4.0 – IFCN Monthly Real Time Data

IFCN aims to provide the most up-to-date and good quality information. The IFCN Monthly Real Time Data delivers latest data on milk production, milk and feed prices for over 60 countries. The D3.4.0 is supplemented by a monthly summary on current dairy market developments in charts as well as in map views.

The product feeds your monthly analysis and data management systems with more than 20 key indicators in few clicks. Moreover D3.4.0 helps dairy related companies to anticipate short-term shifts of milk & feed prices and the deviation of national prices with world market prices. This will help observing market competitiveness and operative planning in the company. The IFCN Partners can gain valuable time by avoiding data mining work as well as being up-to-date with market trends through the detailed comparable data each month.

Main Benefits

  • Monthly update of real time supply and price data
  • Comparable and consistent data sets since January 2006
  • Spend less time for data mining and spend more knowledge gaining
  • Select of relevant currency on price values
  • Global coverage: +60 countries and 11 aggregates
  • Easy access to country’s dairy market overview in excel (only one click)

Key variables of the time line data

  • Milk production and its development
  • EU-28 & US dairy stocks
  • Farm gate milk price
  • IFCN milk:feed price ratio
  • Currency exchange rates
  • National and world feed prices

Data Coverage

+60 countries covering 92% of world milk production

IFCN Monthly Real Time Data

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