The Insights

Define potentials for market development

Know the herd size of your future customers

Measure your customer segments growth

What you get

Farm numbers & Ø Farm size

IFCN Standard herd size classes

Farm structure forecast per class

Cow numbers per herd size

>100 herd size classes forecast

Technical details

Format: Excel and pdf files

Delivery: Annually (in April)

80 countries, 95% of world milk

Data period: 1996 – 2030

Price: 12,000 EUR/year

D3.7 – IFCN Farm Structure Database with forecast 2030

A better understanding of dairy farm structure supports to define the milk production development in a country. The herd size is an important tool to allocate the farms to different segments worldwide. IFCN D3.7 product provides the opportunity of analysing and benchmarking comparable herd size classes of dairy animals and farms for more than 90 countries worldwide with ex-post 20 years data.

By using this product the IFCN Partners get the chance to plan their sales or investment strategies based on segmented dairy farms size classes and growth rate as they have concerned about customers or suppliers. The D3.7 includes farm size class forecast until 2030 that represent segmental shifts in the farm numbers and dairy animals. Forecast results support to analyse the speed of consolidation or stagnation in different farm segments. It can be basis for baseline of customer segmentation, assists in categorising the lucrative target markets for the IFCN Partners.

Main Benefits

  • Benchmarking herd size classes per dairy animal numbers & farm numbers
  • Ready-to-use charts
  • Comparison of several countries which can be individually selected
  • Forecast results in national herd size classes and IFCN standard size classes
  • Data in Excel for additional analysis on your behalf

Key variables of the time line data

  • Farm structure information: herd size, milk yield
  • Dairy farm numbers and business farms (>100 cows)
  • Dairy animal numbers
  • Herd size classes in national size classes
  • Business farm (>100 cows) development
  • IFCN Standard Classes per farm and animal numbers
  • Long term forecast of per herd size class of farm and dairy animal numbers

Data Coverage

+80 countries covering 95% of world milk production

 IFCN Farm Structure Database

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