The Insights

Global overview of the dairy market

Identification of potential sales opportunities and markets

Support for long-term strategic decisions-making

Up-to date Outlook data

Outsourced data mining

Free data training included

What you get

Country Profiles & Comparison

Milk supply & content

Milk & Feed prices

Milk surplus & deficit

National herd & farm size

Consumer milk price

30-year Outlook

Technical details

Format: Excel and pdf files

Delivery: Annually in March

Coverage: 200+ countries, more than 99% of world milk supply

Data period: 1996 – current year

Incl. forecast – 2050 / key variables

Price: 16,000 EUR/year (for current IFCN Partners, contact us to get pricing for non-partners)

D3.2 – IFCN Dairy Sector Database with Long Term Dairy Outlook 2050

As the IFCN mission is helping people in the dairy world to make better decisions, IFCN D3.2 includes a comprehensive information service covering dairy sector data of 200+ countries. The product provides updated country reports with valuable analysis and variables on supply, price, demand as well as farm data. IFCN partner companies from the dairy industry have been using the Annual Dairy Sector Data product for strategic planning for a decade now.

IFCN is convinced that this product enables companies to understand national dairy sectors as well as to carry out country comparisons using standardized data. IFCN D3.2 supports you in gathering important information about national and regional markets, including relevant variables such as prices, production volumes, demand and the development of farm sizes in the past 20 years. Further, key regions and additional macroeconomic factors are analysed. Based on proven data models, the product also offers a long-term outlook for all key variables up to the year 2050 – at country and / or aggregate level. The D3.2 follows IFCN’s goal of providing a consistent data set that reflects on past developments as well as the factors and drivers that will influence the dairy world of the future. The user-friendly graphics allow benchmarks to be created between different countries as well as aggregated countries.

Main Benefits

  • Easy access to the country’s dairy market overview in Excel (just one click)
  • Up-to-date maps and data from 1996 to today
  • Clear charts and tables for your own analysis and visualization of reports
  • Monitoring of the progress of supply in the most important dairy regions
  • Analysis of the drivers of milk supply and demand
  • Comparable export and import data for dairy products
  • Long-term forecast (30 years) based on IFCN data models and scenarios
  • Easy assessment of future milk production and self-sufficiency
  • Extensive database with possibility to integrate into your own data management

Key variables of the time line data

  • Milk production (Solid Corrected Milk, standardised to 4% fat & 3.3% protein) incl. growth and drivers
  • Milk and feed prices incl. milk:feed price ratio
  • Consumer & farmers’ prices and shares
  • Dairy trade & Milk balance (self-sufficiency)
  • National herd size and average milk yield (cow, buffalo)
  • Farm number and size incl. farm growth
  • Milk demand/consumption: per capita, growth and drivers
  • Macroeconomic data: Population, Inflation, Exchange rates, GDP per capita


  • Regional data (limited time coverage): Milk production & density by region, Milk surplus & deficit by region
  • Long-term-Outlook 2050: Milk supply and consumption & changes, Milk balance, Self-sufficiency, National herd size and average milk yield (cow, buffalo), Farm number and size, population

Country coverage

Coverage: 200+ countries, more than 99% of world milk supply

IFCN Dairy Sector Database

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