April 22nd 2020 | Online Workshop


Dairy Farm Economics

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Dear Partners,

During the last weeks, we were closely monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and the challenges that come with it. We were considering the impact on IFCN Events and the participants and concluded that the safety and health of our partners and employees is our first priority.

Due to this, we will change the course of action for the IFCN Data Analysis Workshop. Instead on meeting in Amsterdam on April 21. and 22. we will develop a virtual seminar that you can attend to remotely.

The workshop will take place on April 22nd from 14:00 to 17:00. Please register for the online workshop over this page. After your registration, you will receive the link to participate at the seminar.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via info@ifcndairy.org


Better understand the value of IFCN data for your customers and markets

Generate actionable insight to optimise the use of IFCN data products

Learn how to outperform your competitors by using IFCN data products

Aimed at

Market Analysts

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Professionals in any form of business intelligence

The IFCN Data Analysis Workshop 

The goal of this workshop is to transmit profound knowledge of the backgrounds of the dairy farm economics and structure to novices in the field of dairy economics. It will help to understand the IFCN data collection process and its methods and to interpret the IFCN typical farm model and its results.

At the IFCN Data workshop, you will:

– Understand IFCN Farm structure segments database, methods & models.

– Learn about typical dairy farm economics and how to analyse it.

– Hear from other users about new and innovative ways to use IFCN dairy farm economics and farm structure databases.

– Discover simple ways to diagram faster and create clarity.

– Network with IFCN users and dairy industry experts.

– Have the chance to become IFCN certified.

For further questions please contact: Muzaffar Yunusov




Dorothee Bölling

Dairy Economist

Milica Kocić

Dairy Economist

Muzaffar Yunusov

Network Manager

Veit Becker

Lead Marketing


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Muzaffar Yunusov

Muzaffar Yunusov

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