IFCN Dairy Report 2019 - 20th Anniversary Edition

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Dairy Report 2019

What you get:

Comparison of the typical farms

Summarises results on costs, returns, profitability and productivity of dairy farms worldwide.  A special focus lies on the sustainability and resilience of dairy farms

Global monitoring of dairy economic indicators

Provides a broad overview on specific
dairy issues such as milk prices, feed prices ,milk:feed price ratio and monthly milk price transmission.

Status and development of milk production

Prepared for 120 countries, representing 98% of world milk production with comparable information on:

• Milk density and milk movements
• Dairy farm numbers and farm size trends
• Dairy farm structure analysis and trends
• Price analysis for milk, beef, feed and land

Methods applied in IFCN analyses

2019 will be the year of lowest milk production growth since 2013. As this did not translate into milk price increases, IFCN identifies a structural drop in demand growth as one of the reasons.

Milk production trends by regions are highly diverse and dynamic. The 3-5% rule indicates that strong regions grow and weak ones decline by this rate every year..

Dairy farm structure dynamics drive milk supply and the speed of change is under-estimated. IFCN recommends using the annual growth of milk production per farm as an indicator. In the EU and the USA farms grew by 8% per year.

The key driver for farm structure developments lies in dairy farm economics and the current structure of economies of scale. The Dairy Report analyses this in over 50 countries.

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IFCN Dairy Report