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What will you find in this report?

Chapter 1

The Top 20 dairy processors list sorted by milk intake

Chapter 2

Comparison of indicators for 2019 as well as a weighted average for the timeframe 2014-2019  summarising results on profitability and productivity of the Top 20 dairy processors.
Observations have been included providing you further insights and analysis.

Chapter 3

Dairy processor fact sheets, prepared for 20 companies, representing 25% of the world milk production, with comparable information on:

  • Key developments of specific indicators
  • Indicators on People, Planet, Profit
  • Contribution to stakeholders in the society
  • Company size like milk processed
  • Margins like EBITDA margin
  • Ratios like labour cost intensity


Chapter 4

IFCN Definitions and Methods: This chapter is dedicated to explain the methodology and assumptions used for the IFCN analyses. Moreover, it describes special company cases to understand more clearly how IFCN arrived at specific results.

Parameters and analysis:

EBITDA margin Staff cost per unit of sales
Net profit margin Free cash flow margin 
Staff productivity Capital expenditures
Tax rate paid Average staff salary
Net sales per kg milk processed Capital employed per kg milk

Parameters covered in the “Company Profiles Pages” with timeframe of the variables 2014-2019:

Time series charts for 3 different categories:
Company size: net sales, milk processed, employees Margins: net profit margin, EBITDA margin, free cash flow (expressed per unit of sales) Ratios: capital employed per kg processed milk, capital expenditures, staff cost per unit of sales
Status of the company in 2019 and compound annual growth rate 2014-2019
Net profit, total assets, current liabilities, average staff salary & average productivity
Averages for 2014-2019 for people & profit
Contribution to farmers, employees & consumers, net profit, contribution to owners
Reporting on planet monitoring

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