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Dairy Conference 2021

Carbon neutral dairy farming in 2050
– will this be possible?


DAY 1: Pre-Conference

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DAY 2: Main Conference

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Why should you participate?

International speakers and networking

Networking & knowledge exchange
Meet the other dairy experts from across the globe and be informed about the latest development in the IFCN Network. In addition, we will have executive discussion panels, workshop sessions and presentations to give you an absolutely unique experience.

Dairy Data

Data and international perspective
Get a better understanding of your national dairy market in a global context and the latest analysis of recent developments in the dairy world.

Grow your expertise
Learn more about this year’s topic – carbon emissions in dairy farming – and ways to reduce them. We look forward to knowing more about your views on this topic and to providing further insights and expert opinions

Climate change

Climate change
Carbon dioxide levels in the air are at their highest level in 650,000 years and we have seen 19 of the warmest years since 2000. Low-carbon dairy will be discussed at the UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow in 2021. Companies are increasingly committed to programs to reduce CO2 emissions.

Dairy Farming

Dairy farming
Relevant for dairy farming as it both makes a net contribution to CO2 emissions and is influenced by more extreme weather events as a result of climate change.

IFCN Values

IFCN Dairy Conference
Our conference is ideally placed to bring together researchers, companies and data to move the discussion forward.

About the IFCN Dairy Conference 2021

Topic: Carbon neutral dairy farming in 2050 – will this be possible?


Day 1: Pre-conference – 8 June 13:30 – 17:30h CET:
Results from the 2021 data collection & workshops

Day 2: Main conference – 9 June 14:00 – 17:00h CET:
External presentations & panel discussions with leading organisations & companies

Participants: Researchers & dairy experts from more than 55 countries

Type of conference: Panel & workshop sessions

Place: Online event

IFCN Dairy Conference

Event Program

Day 1: Pre-conference – 8 June 13:30 – 17:30h CET

13:30 | Development: Network and Strategy Session

Status of the researcher network & IFCN in 2021 + Q&A
How to develop IFCN in the XXI century? Digitization as the key for the future

14:30 | Content: Dairy World 2020/2021

Dairy data collection 2021 results + validation + Q&A
Outlook work – The dairy world in 2021/2022 – What can we expect?

15:30 | Networking: Workshop on carbon neutrality

Output preparation for the main conference regarding the conference topic (CO2)
Focus on single topics co-hosted by IFCN + researchers
Conducted in workshop-style for networking and discussions

16:30 | IFCN Research Partner presentations

Selected Partners presentation on the conference topic

17:30 | End


Day 2: Main conference – 9 June 14:00 – 17:00h CET

14:00 | Conference opening: Defining the important points – based on facts

CO2 emissions & dairy: 2000 / 2020 / 2050 – an IFCN approach

14:25 | Organizations’ panel: What are the challenges?

Presentations & discussion of the event topic

Piercristiano Brazzale IDF
Timothy Robinson FAO
Jason Clay WWF
Donald Moore GDP

15:30 | Companies’ panel: What are possible solutions & opportunities?

Presentations & discussion of carbon-neutral dairy farming

Matthew Smith Alltech
Carlos Saviani DSM
Lior Yaron DeLaval
Robert Erhard Nestlé

16:30 | Workshop session: Carbon neutral dairy farming in 2050 – will this be possible?

Using the knowledge of the crowd to answer key questions

Take home message and closing

17:00 | End


Piercistiano Brazzale

Piercistiano Brazzale



Matthew Smith

Matthew Smith

Vice President Asia-Pacific


Timothy Robinson

Timothy Robinson

Senior Livestock Policy Officer


Carlos Saviani

Carlos Saviani

Global Sustainability Lead


Jason Clay

Jason Clay

Senior Vice President


Lior Yaron

Lior Yaron

VP Large Customer Projects


Donald Moore

Donald Moore

Executive Director


Robert Erhard

Robert Erhard

Corporate Sustainable Agriculture Development – Head of Dairy


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Pre-conference: Knowledge & Networking

Get a preview and access to the data before the IFCN Dairy Report release in October 2021
Participate in presentations and take part in the discussion during the workshop

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