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it is a great pleasure for me to introduce the IFCN and the way we serve the global dairy industry.

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Torsten Hemme.

The dairy world today:

Today the dairy world is serving over 7 billion consumers and providing livelihoods for approximately 1 billion are involved in the dairy chain. The key challenges for the dairy stakeholders lie in its complexity and the high rate of change in a globalized world.

Why do we operate IFCN?
We believe that by addressing challenges in the dairy world we can contribute to a more resilient and more sustainable future for all of us.

IFCN Vision or what are we?
We are the leading, global knowledge organisation in milk production, milk prices and related dairy economic topics.

Our IFCN Mission or what do we do?
We create a better understanding of the dairy world by providing comparable data, knowledge and inspiration.

Dairy data: IFCN provides globally comparable dairy economic data and forecasts.
Knowledge: We create knowledge out of our data, models and analysis. Our core competence is in the field of milk production, milk prices and related economic topics.
Inspiration: We inspire people in the dairy world to build a better future. We inspire passionate people to develop a successful career in the dairy world.

How do we operate?
We at IFCN - International Farm Comparison Network - started in 2000 with the basics - the cow and the dairy farmer. Step by step we deepen and widen the knowledge base every year.

The knowledge creation is done via a network of dairy researchers from over 90 countries contributing to our annual processes, managed by the IFCN AG. Our economic models and standards ensure comparability between countries and provide a global picture.

More than 100 dairy related companies and organisations support the IFCN and use our knowledge to better solve the challenges in the dairy world.

We have innovative ways to share our knowledge with our members and with the dairy world as a whole. Our IFCN events are a key element in developing the network spirit.

Our IFCN Values

Trust among the IFCN members is vital for open sharing, cooperation and a net-work that really works. We have trust in ourselves to achieve what we have set out to do. Our partners can trust that our data and knowledge are the best possible at this point in time. Our partner can trust that we listen to all their comments on how to improve the IFCN. Based on this input, we will define the largest common denominator to make the dairy world better understandable for all.

The IFCN is independent from third parties and is a politically-neutral knowledge provider. The IFCN and all its partners commit themselves not to get involved in any discussions or activities that may infringe any applicable competition law.

Truth means for us that we show the dairy world as it is and as accurately as we can measure it. We describe realities and without having any hidden agendas.
IFCN Combined World Milk Price Indicator
March 2017
33.3 €/100kg arrow down
35.6 US-$/100kg arrow down
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IFCN World Feed Price Indicator
March 2017
20.4 €/100kg arrow down
21.8 US-$/100kg arrow down
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