Dairy Farm Comparison

The annual farm comparison activities of the IFCN are based on the typical farm approach, the panel approach and the analysis with the model TIPI-CAL. 

What is a typical farm?

A typical dairy farm represents a significant number of dairy farms in a region in terms of size, forage and crops grown, livestock systems, labour organisation and production technology used. It shows the most common farm type within a region producing the largest proportion of milk, showing an average management and performance. More details on how we define a typical farm you find here.

The approach of typical farms in combination with the panel approach (panel = meeting of one to five farmers, one advisor and one scientist) has been proven to be very practical. Compared to statistical approaches, the advantage of the IFCN concept is that in-depth analysis is possible.

This approach uses standardised units which enable comparison of the performance of different farm types at regional, national and international levels.


Calculation steps for farm economics

TIPI-CAL stand for: Technology Impact and Policy Impact Calculations

The TIPI-CAL model is an analytical tool for production, economic and environmental aspects of dairy farms. It was initially developed by Torsten Hemme (Hemme 2000) and is continuously being refined by IFCN to suit recent global challenges.

The model allows to compare the typical farm data world-wide and also in different regions and countries, with farms of different sizes and legal forms, under different policy, market and technical scenarios. The TIPI-CAL enables the ranking of impacts of anticipated policies and farm strategies on dairy farms, hence serving as a dairy development guide.

Calculation steps for farm economics: One key indicator created by IFCN and analysed with TIPI-CAL is the indicator “cost of milk production only”. The chart above provides an idea on the calculation of the farm economic indicators in the TIPI-CAL model.

IFCN Combined World Milk Price Indicator
March 2017
33.3 €/100kg arrow down
35.6 US-$/100kg arrow down
charts & data
IFCN World Feed Price Indicator
March 2017
20.4 €/100kg arrow down
21.8 US-$/100kg arrow down
charts & data
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